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Dear Robert,

Someone I met wanted to follow me on Twitter, so I wrote my Twitter name on the back of my business card. Is this proper?

Should people now put their Twitter name on the front of their card as part of their contact info? I hope you can give me some guidance about this as I am speaking to a young professionals group on Thursday and want to be able to give them the “proper etiquette” for this. I wouldn’t have even thought of this if it hadn’t just happened to me. Thanks so much.

— Rachel on Twitter

Dear Rachel,

Put on your card every way you invite communication. Most formally a business card does not include promotional information, but not everyone needs the most formal style of card. What’s promotional? I’d define:

Web site = promotion

E-mail address = communication

Twitter name = promotion

Telephone number = communication

Even if including your Twitter name is more promotion than communication … only you can decide how formal you need your card to be.

Certainly, social media sites are important avenues of communication for many: I got several notes to my Facebook page from Protocol School of Washington graduates this week … but I’d say those are more personal & less formal than messages sent to me via my work e-mail address.

– Robert Hickey     www.formsofaddress.info

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