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Dear Robert,
I enlisted in the U.S. Army on 10/17/1985, went to boot camp 05/28/86, was in the Army Reserve 09/86 to 9/90, active duty 10/1/1990, entered OCS commissioned 12/7/90, was on active duty through 7/1/97, went in to the Army Reserve from 07/97 – 11/1/05 when I retired as a Major.
Should I list myself as Major, USAR (retired) or Major, USA (retired)?
Any advice is appreciated–I just want to be sure I list it properly.
Thank you!
— Paul

Dear Paul,
The word I get from the Army is that once retired, everyone is simply USA, Retired.
The direct forms of address suggested by the DOD manuals are as follows, without parentheses:
Major Paul J. Dexter, USA, Retired
Sometimes you see in a list or program
Paul J. Dexter (Major, USA, Retired)
… but that’s not a direct form of address. It would be appropriate in print (e.g., in a list) if other names appeared without honorifics and somehow your retired status was pertinent.
– Robert Hickey     www.formsofaddress.info

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