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When writing a letter to a Senior Vice Commander of a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, how do I address the envelope? Is it Commander (Name)Senior Vice Commander (Name), or Mr. (Name)?
         — MKH

Dear MKH,
Senior Vice Commander of a Veterans of Foreign Wars post is not exactly a rank – as if he is on active duty in the armed services. It is an office or a role at a paramilitary organization.
It’s a bit like being principal of a school. At school it’s likely people will address the person as Principal (Surname) — formally he is:
  Dr./Mr./Ms. (First Name) (Surname)
But, in the context of his or her responsibilities at the VFW Post it would be correct to use his office before his name, for example in a salutation:
            Dear Senior Vice Commander (Surname),
– Robert Hickey    http://www.formsofaddress.info/faq.html

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