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Would it be appropriate to address an acting mayor of a U.S. city as The Honorable? Do you call him the Mayor (Name)?

— Cheryl

Dear Cheryl:
 The Honorable is reserved for officials elected in a general election … or those very high officials appointed by the President of the United States and approved by the U.S. Senate.
So if he/she is serving as acting mayor through an appointment … he/she would not be The Honorable. I say that with one exception: he or she might have been The Honorable due to prior elected service. 
    Typically acting officials are not addressed in conversation as if they were the fully elected and inaugurated official. An ‘acting’ mayor of a city, governor of a state, or president of a college isn’t really the office holder — he or she is ‘acting’.  So in a salutation or conversation use Mr./Ms/etc. (Name) and identify as the acting mayor.
              — Robert Hickey

Hi Robert:
This really helps us.  Our acting mayor who was formerly an elected legislator. Consequently, we will continue to refer to him as The Honorable.  We appreciate your assistance!
— Cheryl

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